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LuxAnthropy is Hollywood's destination to sell clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories for women and men from today's movies and streaming productions, to support charities. As the leading high fashion resale company that is purpose-driven, we're proud to be an approved Producers Guild of America (PGA) Green Production Guide vendor for post-production inventory.

We up-cycle clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories for women and men to support 25+ charities making a difference in our world today. Our donations are trackable and measurable, resulting in social responsibility that is truly impactful.

Customers have access to exclusive items at prices up to 80% off retail and can feel good knowing that their purchase supports a highly respected global, national or local charity.

Female-founded and women-run, LuxAnthropy believes that sustainability thru conscious consumerism, along with thoughtful acts of generosity, can breed global change. We’re proudly at the forefront of where entertainment, fashion, philanthropy and sustainability intersect.


Who's selling on LuxAnthropy?

Hollywood studios, celebrities, stylists, and influencers who understand the importance of sustainability and want to support charities they love.

At LuxAnthropy, our consignors can make money and give money because they determine the percentage of their commission to donate to one of our global, national or local charity partners. Additionally, LuxAnthropy contributes 5% of its proceeds to the same charity. We provide exceptional customer service...which means we authenticate, curate, style, photograph, and sell the items for you.

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Where can you buy great designer resale handbags, shoes, clothes, and accessories?

At LuxAnthropy! Whether you call it resale, consignment, thrifting, or vintage, it's all the same - sustainable shopping at its best. With prices up to 80% off retail, you can feel good knowing that you got a great deal, AND that your purchase is making a difference to support those in need (because every item sold on LuxAnthropy supports a worthy cause).

So, if you’re the type of person who loves Hollywood fashion, finding great deals, and being sustainable - all while supporting worthy causes - check out our fabulous collections, with new items being added regularly!


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Our Story

Jennifer and Lisa met in Los Angeles and instantly connected. They discovered a mutual love of fashion, sustainability, philanthropy,
and repurposed luxury, which catapulted them onto a quest to transform high fashion resale online. And thus, LuxAnthropy was born.

Their backgrounds? Jennifer Mann Hillman is a Communications/ Marketing/Philanthropic executive who has worked at companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue and The Estée Lauder Companies. Lisa Eisler is a Costume Designer and has been a lead stylist for multiple Award-winning television shows. They founded LuxAnthropy based on the belief that philanthropic involvement can be easy, attainable and rewarding.


where LUXury resale meets philANTHROPY